Secret Royal by Color Protection Mask 250ml

Our Commitment: Color Protection The Color Protection line was created with hair protection in mind. The active principle of the line is vegetable keratin, extracted from soy, recognized for its protective and strengthening action, ensures the softness and elasticity of the hair. Vegetable keratin is rich in proteins, has antioxidant properties (phytosterols) and is obtained by the hydrolysis process of soybean peptides. Because it is a low molecular weight keratin it can be used frequently and alternating with another line of hair care. Mask: The Color Protection mask protects the hair while it repairs it. Being a vegetable keratin and a low molecular weight, prevents hair from becoming heavy and hard-looking. Application method: use as a shampoo supplement. After the shampoo, apply on the hair in the direction of the root until the tips. If necessary, with the help of a comb, let it act for about 5 minutes. Rinse with plenty of water. For best results use the thermal cap for 5 minutes or a warm wet towel for ½ hour.

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