Secret Royal by Leave em 10 em 1 150ml

Royal Secret's Leave-in 10 in 10 brings together in one product 10 benefits, regardless of the type of hair, thanks to the properties of argan oil, macadamia, seaweed extract, linseed oil, wheat among others. Benefits: 1. Repair dehydrated and damaged wires: with active principles of moisturizing action and conditioning that optimize the texture and flexibility of hair; 2. Frizz control: independent of temperature and humidity, protection against environmental aggressions and prevents hair loosening; 3. Heat protection of the dryer and modelers: it forms a film around the hair, protecting it from high temperatures; 4. Softens, giving a silky touch: has conditioning agents with a strong action, smoothing and controlling all hair; 5. Sun and color protection: with UVA and UVB filters, it protects without giving extra weight to the hair. Prevents rust caused by the sun that weakens the color; 6. Reduction of friction: with softer and softer hair, the use of plank is facilitated, reducing discomfort and split strands of hair; 7. Disembowe: leaves the hair loose and clear; 8. Maintains the hairstyle for a longer period; 9. Reduces the appearance of double ends; 10. Controls the volume of hair. Use: apply on damp hair, spraying at a distance of 20cm, or on dry hair, spraying for the hand and spreading like a cream.

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