Royal Secret by Anti-Yellow Shampoo 250ml

The anti-yellow shampoo was designed specifically for hair with a yellowish appearance. The progressive use of this shampoo, thanks to the action of the active principles of acid fruits, recognized by its antioxidant power, eliminates the impurities deposited in the hair strands, while it returns the tone, the brightness and the natural softness. Ideal for discolored, gray or even natural blond hair. Shampoo: soft texture and softener. It enhances the natural light of gray or white hair, giving them slight silver reflections, thus eliminating the yellowish appearance. In a first application, wash normally without resting time. In the following washings, massage gently and allow to act for 2 to 5 minutes, checking every minute if the result has already been achieved. Finally, rinse with warm water. You should pay attention to the rest time so as not to get too blue.

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