Royal Secret by Shampoo Maintenance 250ml

The Maintenance Line was created thinking about the hair that needs to be washed daily, including the ones that have coloration. The Maintenance Line washes your hair gently in order to maintain color and integrity. The active principles based on sunflower extracts, with UV protection, guarantee the softness and elasticity of the hair, keeping the color bright and alive for longer. Ideal for all types of hair and a great alternative to use alternately with other lines of treatment. The Maintenance Line allows you to intensify the natural color and shine of the hair as well as prolong the duration of the coloring. • Shampoo: Hypoallergenic and ideal for painted hair. This shampoo protects the color and fights the inevitable opacity with the passage of time. Thanks to the action of sunflower extracts, rich in vitamin E, the hair remains shiny, smooth and easy to comb. Apply to previously wet hair, massage gently and let it act for 2 or 3 minutes. Repeat the operation if necessary, and finally rinse with warm water. Complete with the application of moisturizing mask.

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