Parlux dryer Alyon

Meet the innovative dryer Parlux Alyon Technology Air Ionizer, HFS system (capture hair and ease of cleaning), Ecofriendly, anti-heat coating, ergonomic design, extremely light weight and low noise. The Parlux ALYON is designed to offer the maximum performance to the professional. K-ADVANCE PLUS Professional Engine - Duration 3,000 hours - Flow of 84 m³ / h Ideal Power 2.250W "AIR IONIZER TECH" technology to ensure healthy drying HFS System - Hair Free System (hair free) -Front anti-heating element Ergonomic and ultra light - 2 speeds - 4 temperatures - 2 unbreakable nozzles Ozone Friendly, No Harmful Emissions There are the following colors: Blue; Yellow; Pink; Laraja; Green; Blue; Bronze; Opaque Graphite; Black.

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