Straight Vapor Straightening Board

STEAMPOD is the latest Loreal Professionnel Paris smoothing board innovation, which emerged after 5 years of research to create the * Super efficient, super fast and super protective steam smoothing system *. This board can be used in any type of hair, even the most sensitive and its results are sensational ... The temperature of the board varies from 170º to 210º depending on the hair. It has a water reservoir, which is responsible for steam production and the wire is much thicker than traditional planks. It has a comb (can be removed if you wish) that facilitates all smoothing, as it spreads the hair evenly to increase contact with the plates. The board is much wider than the common ones, which allows smoothing more hair and more effectively. There are two versions of STEAMPOD: the professional version for home use and the professional for hairdressers. Both identical, the only difference is that the water reservoir is larger for hairdressers, since it caters to many people and needs a greater capacity not to always be filled with water. In the version for home use, the water tank is smaller, but has suction cups for greater stability and the electric cable is longer. Mirrored shine and natural movements; Maximum protection; Long-lasting smoothing; Provides a protective effect directly on the core of the hair fiber, due to the vapor; It has a smoothing comb that spreads the hair evenly to increase contact with the plates; It reduces the time it takes to smooth out, because in 1-2 passes it is immediately flat compared to the basic board boards that require 4-5 passages or more; The temperature can be adjusted automatically taking into account the degree of sensitivity of the hair; Smoothes the hair fiber providing a mirrored shine;

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