Amino complex shampoo 250ml emmebi

Amino Complex is an advanced professional system designed to protect and rebuild the hair while performing any type of chemical treatment, such as dyes, bleaches, straightening and permanent. Amino Complex is easy to use: when added to the product used for hair treatment, or triggered chemical process will completely change the structure of hair: the disulfide bonds will be modified and repaired permanently. Advantages: With Amino Complex your hair will look, right from the first application, visibly healthier and free from stress caused by chemical treatment. Amino Complex allows you to discolour and paint the hair several times without damaging it. What is the advantage? You can get a new look whenever you want without worrying about the health of your hair. The range Amino Complex consists of a few simple products: Prime element, a liquid added with an additive to staining, discoloration and other chemical preparations. Secondo Element A cream to be used immediately after being rinsed the chemical. After using the Amino Complex complete treatment with repulping shampo, repulping Mascara and repulping cream. These products contain the same active ingredients Primo and Secondo Element element to maintain the results in the use at home. Amino complex can be used in combination with all hair treatment, such as: - Discoloration - coloring - Permanent - Chemical Straightening

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