Shampoo XXL 1000L reconstructor afro vida

The extreme volume reduction , repair of the damaged cuticle. It has thermal protector which protects the hair from extreme aggression and propociona a smooth and natural effect to the hair. 3 APPLICATION FORMS 3 RESULTS 1. Hydration C / INTENSE BRIGHT , LIGHT VOLUME LOSS Apply as a mask , leave for 30 minutes with a thermal cap and rinse. 2 SMOOTHING HAIR REBEL OR MEDIUM INTENSITY Apply as a mask , leave for 30 minutes and proceed to brushing . After the work rinse. The higher the temperature of the dryer the better result. 3- SMOOTHING EXTREME Apply as a mask , leave for 30 minutes. After the application time pranchar small locks to 230 ° C . Then rinse. Note : This procedure generates enough smoke . Use in well ventilated areas

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