Iron Conical Moser CURL Pro 2

Iron Conical Curl Pro 2 - Power 45W / 50W -80 ° C-210 ° C, easy temperature control for optimal styling with…

Iron Wave 4 with 3 Functions

Revolutionary product that with its reversible ceramic plates allow, in a single click, a quick and easy exchange swap between…

Ricki Parodi Frisar Professional Iron Conical

-Power maximum 45 Wats -80 220 C -display LCD, easy temperature control with digital adjustment Overcoat titanium; hairstyle more delicate and soft, reduces…

WAHL Electric brush c / 3 Accessories

Brush Electric c / 3 Accessories - Power 100W - Ideal for shaping and drying -2 Speeds and temperature positions - Cold position to…

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